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At Lexy’s Comedy Club, we're currently houseless but far from homeless. While we diligently curate memorable events throughout Eugene, we're also hard at work raising funds to secure our own brick-and-mortar space.


Enter the Founder's Club—a tight-knit family of individuals whose generous donations and contributions are propelling us toward our dream. These patrons aren't just supporters; they're our backbone, our foundation, and our champions.


As a member of the Founder's Club, you'll enjoy exclusive benefits that ensure you're always at the forefront of the comedy scene. From first dibs on pre-sale tickets to discounts on select shows and classes, consider yourself a VIP in our world.


But that's not all. As part of our Founder's Club, you'll be treated to the red-carpet treatment every time you step through our doors. Expect nothing less than the royal treatment as you join us for a night of laughter and camaraderie.


If you're ready to become a part of our Founder's Club family and help us shape the future of comedy in Eugene, purchase a presale ticket package below!

Founder's Club Members

Aaron Cohen

Dale Stelly

Winston A. Marshall

Tony B.

Jose Rodriguez

Erik Dreyer-Goldman

Sharif Mustafa

Brittany Devereux

Brigitte De Nuit

Amy & Ethan

Lenelle Salone

Vanessa Harper-Scott

Saskia Bee

Stephanie Peters

Jerad & Chandra

Taliyah Weary

Ryan Cook

Ricardo Leon

Nick Carter

Cassandra Grimaldi

Anthony Kennedy

Sir Kenneth Michael Day

Julian H.

Curt Fletcher

Eric Stein

Darcy & Dan Mayfield

Kat Schindler

Amy Exah

Julie Nowacki

Jeff Epstein (The Comedian)

Allison Kramer

Don Gavitte

Andrea Groener

Lori Daleesa Weary

Cianna Weary, PT, DPT.


Founded by the unstoppable force of nature known as Lexis Shardé, our journey begins with a tale as entertaining as the laughs we strive to bring you.


Lexis Shardé discovered her passion for public speaking as a college radio personality, where she spent three years captivating audiences before landing a coveted spot at Eugene's top radio station, 94.9 Jamz.


After earning her BA at the University of Oregon, Lexis ventured to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams in television. She immersed herself in content creation for a production company serving metro commuters, wearing multiple hats on and off camera. A mentor's suggestion led her to improv classes at the Upright Citizens Brigade, where she discovered her knack for comedy.


With newfound skills in hand, Lexis wrote and produced three short films, hosted a music entertainment show, and appeared in various reality shows, short comedies, and music videos.


During six years in the Phoenix Metro Area, Lexis continued to hone her craft as a stand-up comedian and impressionist. She competed in comedy festivals and launched two podcasts: "Life Coaching Comedians" and "Fart Talk."


Returning home in 2021, Lexis decided it was time to fulfill her longtime dream of opening a comedy club. Thus, Lexy’s Comedy Club was born—a diverse refuge where talented comedians of all backgrounds can shine.

Lexis Shardé
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